Thursday, May 31, 2012


   So you decided to be an artist? You see yourself painting for the rest of your life. But there are things we must consider, and one of this is personal artistic signature…
   Artistic style is simply an individual glitch.  During the initial stage as a beginner we will discover certain areas that are quite difficult to overcome or execute…this should not be met with frustration but rather with determination. Remember, that is also a phase that will determine who will become an artist and not. Those who continue despite the detour will separate themselves from mere art lover to an actual art maker. It is like this, we all have our innate love for music but after hearing our own voice we decided to just stay as a music lover and discard any idea that we will ever win any amateur singing contest or after discovering that we both have left foot, we gave up dancing.
   Now since we decided to become an artist, we have to choose between three major fields, the amateur, the commercials and the professionals. I’m not saying here that commercial artist are not professionals but for the sake of this discussion, we will categorized those who create art for purposes of clients intent or pure business are called commercial artist while let us call professionals those who compose artwork for creative expressions.  We can be both or juggle between the two from time to time. However, there are controversial issues here too, where some professional artist actually paint picture by which the public demand or painting that will commercially click, which is not bad at all…but sometimes creativity and freedom of expressions is actually suppressed on this process. 
   Also let us properly define the amateurs, this are the art lover who from time to time paint but have more focus on other fields like writing, acting, cooking, businesses etc...It does not mean however, that an amateur create less artistic pieces, they just paint for the sheer pleasure of painting. The word amateur itself rooted from the word "amor" which means in Hispanic speaking countries as Love. Notice that All three artist categories may actually interwove each for instance a professional artist may also say that his art are labor of love and the commercial artist may do the same. The issue,I am pointing here is for you to understand key areas, individual levels, and personal criteria that defines an artist. 
   For beginners who are still trying to make a name in the art world, like me, we will set aside first those issues and focus on style. Later, we can decide whether we will pursue to be an amateur, professionals, or the commercials artist. For me, I have chosen to separate my art in two areas: the service type and the personal expressions. The services are doing portraits, some projects, and face painting for events. While the personal are those found in my visual manuscripts which I later distilled into an individual piece I called Realizationism.
   I think I am not an authority in marketing, so let me just focus on discovering personal style. Actually, style will naturally come; so the proper question would be, “How can I hasten the arrival of my style”?

   As I’ve said, style is actually just a glitch in our artistic genes. Coming up with solutions to solved this limitations becomes our own style. You become masters from your own experiences and You will only put in your best efforts in work that you truly believe in. Aside from Victories and triumph our mistakes, limitations, difficulties, scars, and failures  refines our whole character. Whatever is happening from the inside will manifest in your creations. 
   You wont discover anything unless you explore.

The first lesson should be: Just Start!!!
   The surprising thing, after listening to masters (I love reading biographies of Great Masters) the usual advise, although not directly, is that there is no right and wrong way to paint. Art is not an exact science, and you must remember that. Despite, numerous “how to…” books or videos, with step by step procedures and illustrations…the reality is we are not genetically the same. What we simply have to put in mind at all time are the quality of materials and mediums. This is actually what you will learn in formal school, like what are the qualities of each materials and surfaces, the known styles or The basic techniques in applications…and the rest are theoretical and hypothetical.
   So, the lesson is to simply begin. No one become masters overnight so keep on dabbling into your art. Explore all the possibilities and try to surpass your limit. Aim for a certain goal, not too extravagant at first but don’t scold yourself too much for not achieving what you envision. 

Keep in mind: To pause and reflect !!!
   Advise yourself to stop from time to time.  Fatigues are sometimes ignored when we are so passionate at what we are doing. But sometimes passions make us blind. We sometimes overdo things when we are electrified with so much desires not unless you are entertained in the rigors of those activities. However, if you allow yourself to step back for awhile, you allow your body to regenerate its consumed artistic energy. When we ignore signs of fatigue, there is a strong possibility of an aftermath frustrations. Instead of elation and satisfactions, we find our project dull and lifeless.  

Be able to determine: Your voice quality!!!
   In music we have what they call voice range and it is also true in painting, there is what we call brushstroke range. This is determined by how long we can make a straight line without the aid of mechanical material or how much area we can cover in a single stroke. 
   What happen when you add more black or add more whites? Did the color change after drying time? Did you scrub the canvas to heavy or to light? How did you resolve in drawing geometric patterns? These are some of the external qualities that you have the power to manipulate. How you treat this resources makes your range style. It is not yet your total style, it is just part of your total signature. 
   Don't get frustrated when you can't paint like Raphael, Amorsolo or Van Gogh, but of course don't ever think that you can't be like them. Although you understand your limitations don't ever hinder yourself from trying to excel. 

Accepts Whatever Happened
   Critique your own works. Don’t throw away bad work for they will be an important document someday, believe me. Be real honest in what you are seeing. Take special notice to areas that you don't like...and ask yourself, "How can I resolve this mistake or is there a better way to do this?"
   Similar questions will lead you to your personal artistic style. This will be the groundwork where you will focus your future attempts. Those glitches will make you an individual among the crowd of artisans someday. 

   Don’t even dare to think that it is possible. Never! Your artwork will always exhibit some of the qualities of your masters, mentors, or teachers.
   However, no one is an exact copy of anyone. Therefore avoid imitating the works of others because it will only be 2nd best or a bad copy. Influences does not mean you are a copycat but an extensions of an evolving art form. 
   Your art should be a living expressions and extensions of your self. Being original is hard if that is all your concerns but being yourself will always make you original. Being yourself is your own artistic style.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sorry for the inactivity of this blog, I've just directed all my attention to Wisdom of a Fool articles, that is very necessary for the call of the times. Anyways, I'm back...hopefully, really back to creating artworks.
   A good day to start, May 1 as we celebrate Labor's Day. I'm yours as laborer on this field. 
   Pushing isn't necessary because I feel very revitalized and inspired to I gather some pencils and work my way back into actions. I'm not really absent on my art...visiting my art journal every now and then. The usual Multiple Focus juggling from Religious researches to keeping track of headlines. 
   Now that I'm back, we can continue illuminating on Realizationism Art. 

   I was thinking of making my 2nd video about Visual Manuscript. Wait a minute, I forgot to post the 1st one, so here it is...

  Here are some of the new drawings I've just made today...