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So you decided to be an artist? You see yourself painting for the rest of your life. But there are things we must consider, and one of this is personal artistic signature…    Artistic style is simply an individual glitch.  During the initial stage as a beginner we will discover certain areas that are quite difficult to overcome or execute…this should not be met with frustration but rather with determination. Remember, that is also a phase that will determine who will become an artist and not. Those who continue despite the detour will separate themselves from mere art lover to an actual art maker. It is like this, we all have our innate love for music but after hearing our own voice we decided to just stay as a music lover and discard any idea that we will ever win any amateur singing contest or after discovering that we both have left foot, we gave up dancing.
LOVE, PROFIT, EXPRESSION    Now since we decided to become an artist, we have to choose between three major fields, the amateur…
Sorry for the inactivity of this blog, I've just directed all my attention to Wisdom of a Fool articles, that is very necessary for the call of the times. Anyways, I'm back...hopefully, really back to creating artworks.    A good day to start, May 1 as we celebrate Labor's Day. I'm yours as laborer on this field.     Pushing isn't necessary because I feel very revitalized and inspired to I gather some pencils and work my way back into actions. I'm not really absent on my art...visiting my art journal every now and then. The usual Multiple Focus juggling from Religious researches to keeping track of headlines.     Now that I'm back, we can continue illuminating on Realizationism Art. 
   I was thinking of making my 2nd video about Visual Manuscript. Wait a minute, I forgot to post the 1st one, so here it is...

  Here are some of the new drawings I've just made today...