Multiple Focus

   I've been embracing so many things in my life...perhaps I am very creative that I can't contain myself into a straight line. This is a case where creativity doesn't help much. I want to do various things and focus  almost on all things. There is too much going inside my head...
   Well anyway, I don't count success on level of achievement that are tangible...I count it one day at a time and they are not usually synonymous with material things. What I call failure are those things that I haven't done. I have plenty of those things hanging on my head...they are still here...and I am not quite sure if they will materialized. 
   I have so many interest in life that grab my attention. I am so spontaneous and random...somebody said, it was a good trait but not all the time. Well, at least on my case. 
   When you focus you'll hit the bull's eye. I think to achieve my goal I'll be needing machine gun.A multiple casualties technique, if such exist. 
   Well if you advise that I should prioritized and pick what was at utmost importance...I can not do that!
   Oh I just can't contain myself in a box. I want to surf the ocean of knowledge. I want to paint, to write, to be a journalist, to be a biologist, manage a restaurant, to climb mountains, spelunking, playing video games, establish an artist haven, learn more languages, be the best father of the century...LOL
   Look! We can try...can't we? 
    As of now, let me focus on so many things...


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