Applying Some Bright Shades

It was so easy to give advise to others about many things. Like I've often said "Don't wait for an inspiration...create the inspiration." or something like that...but as for myself...I'm struggling to create a piece...but I wont allow the thought to lay its egg.

   Don't be too harsh on yourself Fher, my higher self whispered. There is always a vehicle where I can ride...and so I pick up a pencil and start to illuminate...

  It's always easier to gather inspirations and then eventually create when your doing something. The first few dabbling may appear senseless but I just let it flow. Our intentions should go where we want it. So, I try to alter anything that is hindering my beautiful thoughts...or those intent telling me I can't create. I can create...I am created by GOD to be like Him...always making things beautiful.
   And when there is an ugliness in the world? You can splash some paint and alter the view. A little twisting and turning of hues and contrast...add or minus brightness...make it just the right amount.
   The battle of wills. That is the real battle going on in the spiritual realm. Satan on the other side who said "I will be like the Most-High" and...
   Oh the devil must be jealous right now because what he been trying to do since eternal past had been freely given by God to us. God shared His divine power to humans. That was what Satan had been trying to stop...he is trying to keep this secret away from us through deceptions and lies.
   The devil is whispering "You are just human, so act like all the rest of the earthly material world."
   What people fail to "see" was the enlightenment that Jesus had been telling us since He conquered death more than two thousand years ago. He gave us the privilege to experience the "Kingdom of God". 
   Maybe I will tackle the subject on coming for now...I will do marvel with the power God has given me.



  1. bright shades always gives positive inspirations, energy which encourages to fly.

    nice post :)

  2. You are right, dear Fher. The Creator has given us some of His creative power to make this world more beautiful. Please continue to write like this!


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