Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dwelling in Sorrow and the irony of acceptance

Sometimes you feel like surrendering or languishing in self pity
 for not reaching anything at all... 

January this year I've stated the above words which perhaps had tied me into a certain paradigm...boundaries that is somehow connected to "Acceptance" state, a consciousness that I have acquired after all these years of realization...despite trying to embrace the destiny that was set before me (being chosen) I often times feel that it's overpowering me. 

   I truly need to realign my thought when it comes to Realization. Does it mean giving up and not trying at all because everything was preordained or is there really a way to hacked my way through it a lot easier? Can we resist destiny or how does destiny really work after all? Acceptance, like all other realization needed to be learn with utmost certainty what does it truly mean when one accepts?
  Too many questions bugging me right now...not really in conflict but just curious whatever the result maybe...above all, it's all about my Relationship with Yahuah God that matters.

  This entry was drafted 5 months how can I focus somehow at doing what must be done? We shall be talking more, perhaps... I intend to blog more often now, a good time to do so...even if there are very little audience share...too tiny nowadays...

Dwelling in sorrow, NO MORE! 

Sunday, May 12, 2019