Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 As if Nothing Really Matters to me....

Image may contain: 11 people, including Ate Gladdy Trevino and Malou Ubina

Now after that coffee painting I've sold online.... there were these thought that struck my mind. Why it feel so regular? It is my lifetime dream but as if it doesn't really matter if I get compensated for my artistry....

   Am I really here just to sell artworks? Not that I don't want to sell my is obviously what an artist wanted, to know someone is really willing to pay for his Art. 
   Beside the need to survive too, you know...but something deeper than that.

   Writing this one down since after New year...thought passes by and now it's mid-February...the drafting of my mind still re-construct what I really feel and have in my mind.   The need to articulate what you have in mind and heart properly and more concise. 

   I know what am I here for.... to share and bring people to care. 

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