Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Birthday Acceptance

So where am I? The 10th of July just passes by like any other ordinary day. Last year I've come to my Golden year and it was a Great Awakening...awakening of a different level. The process took days and months and now into years before I've finally understand "Acceptance" of a different level as well. Awakening in the Matrix was easier to write down but acceptance was a bit harder...there would be bouts of resistance. 
   Being a Christian or a true son of God, as a truth seeker who love wisdom has its drawback. Learning the fact that we are in a world ruled by the wicked. 
♫ ♪ We don't have the power but we never say never...♪♫  

   Our struggle after all was not against ordinary mortals or simple worldly things but the truth lies beyond the normal senses...which is by the way, what we call paranormal was actually  that reality in effect as of this moment and since time immemorial, yet  all of these is being cover up. So what is my chance in a world where I can not fit in?  
   I'm still on a journey of learning and more importantly unlearning the indoctrination of the beast system...I guess the learning would be never ending by the way...at least for this lifetime...I suppose. 

   Acceptance of carrying my own cross. I wouldn't go into detail for now as I am now writing a new book condensing all the years of my life, specifically perhaps on these passing thru these phase of Awakening and Accepting...                     By the way, I've wrote a special journal on my Golden awakening...and perhaps I would blog some excerpts about it one of these days.                             Categorically this blog isn't my platform to discuss these matter...although it is part of my Life's story yet it's far too remote to give details here which was solely dedicate to the ordinary spin of my daily communication with people that surrounds me. Yes, it's too complex but if you wish you can check this out on "Wisdom of a Fool" if you can handle the truth.  

   As you all knew I am not aiming anymore to gain any recognition at all in the art scene...if such so happened, well it's good but I've come to that point that it's no longer relevant to me. Hope didn't die at all, it's a personal thing between my relationship with God. I am here for a greater purpose than being a renown figure in the art arena. 

   I create better artwork now...gain knowledge and techniques along the way. Understood somehow the ins and outs of it. Done these, done that...what have I to do than pursue wealth or fame inevitably? It just isn't me. Not wasn't for me...but I can not be. I've been trying all these years to gain the approval of the world when I am not with the world. 
   Made myself a name somehow...if that would console me. I can't go on anymore to reach some more peak, if I had reached one... I would just burden my heart or stray....
   This is my journey....I better own it.   

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