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The Chocolate Pyramids of Bohol

The Chocolate Pyramids of Bohol? Yes the experts now think so because it was undoubtedly impossible to be a natural geological formation. Yes my Dear foreign friends, Over a thousand of them in just one island province here ☺... Do you think the expert would care to give us the exact numbers nor its true importance to our ancient past?
Some proposed that, like the pyramids of Egypt, the Chocolate Hills were man-made, but this idea was immediately abandoned because creating these hills will be far more complicated than the pyramids.
Perhaps maybe we can discuss more on this mother is from Bohol and I'm sure she has something to share. 

Lifting of Veil 2018

The Great Reveal, that's how I would call the previous year.   A personal Golden age of awakening for me, as I wrote in Wisdom of A Fool blog regarding these overwhelming discoveries that are being revealed to me since the earlier month of 2017. One of the biggest earth-shaking realization that blows my mind was about Cosmology....this F.E. thing that nobody seems to want to go viral. Too silly to pay attention to....but....have we really checked what we believed? 
   You know deep in your heart there is something wrong, very unsuspectingly wrong, especially once someone pointed a discrepancy about the picture of Earth. Not going to be discussing details of these stuff here but you can check my other blog for this... (HERE)
   Anyway, another important rediscovery and with great significance is the revealing video series of The God Culture, about Solomon's Gold. I really advise anyone who happen to be reading this blog to check them. 

   The real concern about Second Coming is no…