Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Prayer Changes Things

Naturally, those that have the Financial means to travel the Art scene arrives on Top of the Food chain faster, while the Struggler who has very Little resources would have to rely purely on their Talent. But as they say, "Talent alone does not guarantee success." 
So down there at the base of the ladder you'll get eaten by the Established Names barely making any sound of struggle at all. 
Sometimes you'll cry "Foul" but the Referee and the audiences favor the smell of success which obviously by Their standard you lack the stink to begin with. 
Don't blame the masses, it is natural for them out-of ignorance and delusion to side with The Big Time. Art is a business after all, no matter how Hopeless Romantic tries to fabricate a better definition of it, it is all about the Money. The prestige of having a Wall filled with the Famous names can be addicting you know. 
Calm down, but Rare as as they may seems, believe me, as much as I myself is trying to believe also that They exist. Somewhere out there beneath the pale moon light...there are People who truly believe in the Purest essence of Art....
Now, the talent of having Luck is all you Will ever wish for now...because at the Top they wont allow a Nobody to rub elbows with. 
So for our consolations, we may freely Fantasize while creating our Obra-Maestra, that One day, yes the sooner the better, that One of this very ordinary days your Unheard Voice shall be echoing every major corridors of Galleries, Museums, and possibly History itself, as they immortalized Your name with Selfies on a Coffee table book.
For now let us dream while there is a cup of coffee to sip.

-- Fherlosopical reflection only don't ventilate on them, okay? ©

"Those who never quote, 
in return are seldom quoted." -- Isaac D'Israeli