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Up The Notches, Revert, and Collective Manifest

I've announced recently that I will create more quality art pieces, adding more value also as a person. The advises of Masters were now sinking on my veins. To focus.... despite all the vanities that there is in this world, we still have to be honest within our selves that we did all thing with love and passion. I no longer worry myself of being known, popular, or even dream of great wealth...those were bonus that I would gladly welcome but I have set them aside  

Finally I was able to catalog nearly all my important paper pieces. I have realized that I wasn't that good in canvas than on paper.... Well, that what I did the whole day today, clearing my area and reaffirming my worth as an artist....a person of value. Great value.  These past days I've been sentimentally nostalgic and often times melancholic thinking of the inevitable end of everything. Since Nick had died, there are plenty of things that went flickering on my consciousness ....the suddenness of everything. It …