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Tears Among the Cornfield

Elijah brought home last week a new male puppy whom he baptized as Raven, white as snow like our adopted cat Poochie.

   At times I still get lonely....after realizing death can be that harsh and sudden. 

Can't come up with an artwork....trying to acquire that urge to be artistically productive but to no avail...all I could do are start with eyes and then lost the emotion to continue...

Should I just focus on doing Special MCs or finish my backlog on my commission so that I can properly breath? 

   Sent to be slaughtered....that's how I assessed what happened to PNP_SAF killings in Mamasapano, Maguindanao...This government was very foolish and ignorant to trust the MILF who had notorious record of protecting most wanted criminals and terrorist.     Recently, a small group of the MILF 105th Base Command, rescued a suspect wanted for murder and arson in Shariff Aguak town. (Read)     A peace process with crooks is useless and now I think I want to believe more on Erap's stand for …


How could I ever doubt the power of GOD? He had always been manifesting miracles after miracles in my life...most of the times in the darkest moment He would embrace me and keep an eye on me. Thank you so much in The name of your beloved son Jesus. 
Finally in my footings again.... not stumbling on negative aura....

   Whew, just written those positive note a couple of days ago...a draft to affirm the incoming blessings....yet, in a twist of faith....poof, there was a shift..... 2 event of mine were cancelled just this week alone....
Yet I have a Great God. 

   They said, you are the one who makes your Luck. But some misfortunes are beyond my control. Was my consciousness intentionally bringing these bad luck in series?

Remember that there is No such thing as straight line in Nature... everything you see are compound of small atoms that your brain processes into tangible images. Small particles can be translated as pixel or layers of small dots which form the hues and eventually becoming f…