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Some of My Latest Artworks


In The Art Zone Once More

Activating my self once more within the art be seen and to see. Feb 25 I attended the Exhibit of Walo Visual Artist at The Enterprise Center in Makati City. Lost in the jungle of sprouting new facade. Can't believe how quick it is for me to be swallowed by sentimentality...I miss everything after all. I miss the faster pace of life...but I don't miss working 8 hours a day...I now work non-stop!     Perhaps charge by the shimmering creative left-overs, I made a little serious drawing session.  And the above pics was done...borrowing the face of my friend Model Sheena Dalida....    Not updating any of my Visual Manuscripts but just browse on this one...the book is called "a whisper to a scream 6.5"

Meeting people...or rather, creative people...

Next activity this poster below...

   Meeting face to face Facebook friends...Like Vince Roque, Roy Sarmiento, and Jose Tolentino Jimenez who also had a show that day at Mega Mall's ArtWalk dubbed as "Aman" …