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So way back in 2010 my bestie Margot encouraged me to do a vision board.   Now for those of you that do not know what a vision board is, it is a collection of photos, magazine clippings, quotes, words.... well just about any visual reminder that has everything to do with you.  -- Lisa Schmidt
Acting on your dreams is really much better than visualizing it on your mind and it even surpasses the power of declaration. By actually taking some concrete steps to build your visions and goal you are inviting all the good energy to fill you. Constantly looking at those images will remind you constantly of your plans and goals and  by doing so you are making your dream within reach. So having a visual journal or art journaling as Lisa calls it, you are already laying the foundation to your dreams.    These steps also help you evaluate the exact nature of your dream. You will have a free taste of the exact feeling once your goal is achieved even if it is not yet…

Fearless Hand in Expressing Reality

I have asked myself too when did all these started? Why consume time and exert extreme effort without any material gains?     There are basic urges within us, I believe on a personal basis that needed to be filled. It is not just the mere joy of painting brings but far more spiritual than that. We are partly by nature spiritual aside from our physical needs therefore we also had to fill that essential. It is why we sing and listen to music. Singing has nothing directly to do with our physical well-being, we can survive for years without singing or even for our entire life. I am not discounting here the health benefits of music in our life BUT what I am trying to point out here is that we can live normally even without music or the Arts for that matter. So why do we need arts? Why at times we feel certain emptiness without expressing ourselves through arts?    The answer lies from something beyond the tangible. It is not a hunger we can feel on an empty stomach BUT we can sense it.  So i…


On the blog Help From Above, written last February, we have left a hanging issues on the importance of coincidences. We have discuss how this Divine intervention are often overlooked and considered just as pure luck....Now maybe I have called your attention enough to draw your focus on its Role in our evolution.    Considering tiny details that somehow caught our attention but have no significant value at the onset or at least for the time being have no connecting direction on our daily lives...may be just a waste of time, BUT looking at the bigger picture, these little strokes create the situations that compromises our future.    Why therefore I encourage you to have a Journal (see The Benefit of a Diary) to retold the story to yourself...and on my case I create Visual Manuscript, which does not only retold events but also preserve images. All may seems irrelevant or pointless yet base on my experience these re-focus and gives new light to random events, that when I take it to a deeper…