Sunday, February 13, 2011

Muscle Memoire

If you think, the brain is the only part of our body that can remember then all we have to do is read book about arts, then we can go directly and proceed painting. But that's not the case, often taken for granted was our muscles capabilities to retain or memorize activities.
Observation needs practice too. At first glance we might miss the different grains and tones but constant looking will lead us to various shades and hues (plus eye strain too). Learn or discover to see things as they really are and not what you think they are.
    Matters are a combination of substances. If we look deeper into the material composition of things it would be easier to translate them into reality....
    Two things must take place; the substance of your model and the properties of your medium. See how the pigment behaves; like to what extant it will move or the limitations it displays. In every action there's an equal reaction and that every color has an individual characteristic -- 
   Don't be afraid to experiment, and even if you don't get what you expect you'll still be discovering something...our muscle (pulse) will still develop because constant activities forms a habit. Teaching our hand to paint...will SURELY gain what it has invested. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


   There are turning point in our lives that define what we are now and who we are in the future. The option for us is whether we would do something about it or ignore the choices presented to us. Actually, choosing not to chose is also a choice. We can very well determine what we shall become by analyzing possible results from the choices we had made. Take a look at your Résumés now, isn't the data you've put on are actually results of the choices we had made from the past. We have talk about FOCUS and how everything we put our attention into grows, therefore if we put our attention into the choices at hand, we are directing our subconscious to concentrate to the best possible solution/s. 
A walk in the rain (Marcel Germain)
   I've mention the background of our bio-data how it came into being. I have gone to great lengths expounding about the importance of Cause-Choices-Effect, yet there is another principle we must look into. Another factor that we sometimes take for granted But equally as important and needed special attention as well. Going back to our personal statistic we will discover that aside from causes, or before the cause occur (although in some cases during the process of making a choice) there are events we call as coincidences. These seemingly random events appear to be illogical because it does not follow the course of Nature. Sometimes after realizing such incident  to have happened we can look back in awe and often make us smile with utter amazement what if this instance did not occur. The feeling is always that of wonder. 
   This phenomenon are sometimes called a "magical-effect" but I prefer to call it Divine Intervention. How many times have we been so worried about unsettled bills, with no definite answer where we will get the source of payment. Then an unexpected knock at your door from someone settle the exact amount for you. Coincidences comes in varied forms, it could be like a graffiti written on the wall; an overheard conversation from another table; a fallen leaves lifted by the breeze; or an old familiar love song played on the radio. Coincidences are help send from above like a whisper from a trusted friend. In most cases, these invisible guidance or unrecognized tools are often revealed to us in the form of Realizationism. 
   That is the goal of Realizationism at some degree--to be able to recognized and benefit to the divine guidance. That is what we shall explore further in future blogs, on (1) how to create instances that draw more divine guidance. (2) Understanding the value of the coincidence, what it was trying to say to us. and (3) Why coincidence occur on this specific problem and not on other trivial matters.
   We have grown too materialistic to acknowledge the source of coincidences and attribute the matter to "mere chance" or random event without no real purpose but just pure LUCK. People fail to give thanks to the giver of life, who does not only give us lungs for breathing but also provided the air in abundance.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Immortalizing memories or sometimes telling stories; 
expressing feelings or simply spending the moment; searching for an answer or experimenting with the medium; all these and much more are recorded on my Visual Manuscript.  
            The process of creating a visual journal came to me one time while doing a design for my folder to be used on my portfolio of art collection. Eventually, that discovery coupled with my intention to keep memories and retain work for future references, which included works that I even considered a failure had became to be a passion that ultimately at the same time develop into a personal style that I’ve been searching.
            As I self-search and analyzes each and every aspect of what the world offers I came to my lifetime thesis which is Realizationism Art – or simply the process of careful discernment of everything and anything. Thus, translating occurrences which transpired around or within me; by interpreting them as visual idiom and honest recording of feelings, I was able to comprehend the lesson in the process.   
preface to "The Quantum Fragment"
   I never believed in accident or random event. Things happened as a direct result of something being done or the law of cause and effect. Miracle is something that takes place without the natural law. Sometimes, we ignore coincidences and dismiss the idea that it happen by mere chance. To me that seemingly random act was a direct intervention from God. I saw that divine guidance as an inspiration, or something that needed our full attention.
            Although my art works appears to be just a playful juxtaposition of images and colors I never consider them as mere accident but a preconceived intent and careful placement of thoughts to achieved the desired revelation. When an inspiration arises (coincidence) I welcome them with an open mind and carefully distinguish the relationship. When the symbiotic of things are concocted perfectly into a piece of artwork with all the elements of arts put together such as texture, colors, colors and shapes we can call it a success.