Monday, April 1, 2019

Sporadic Random Thought into CRA

Babae sa Supot 
What is really keeping me busy these past  days even month that I have not log anything? No one seems to bother reading blogs nowadays however there might come a time that whatever is written could one day be of any value... 
   The enormous shadow banning , disinformation campaign, limited audience, disinterested and disillusion people, all contributed to my disinterest as well to share my thoughts... Yah, we have Free-speech but who do we talk to when they can't see us?
   Anyway, despite the odds we can try... sometimes lost soul are lead to enlightenment in mysterious ways. ☺

   Been exploring coffee painting and gaining quite a respect on this field so I decided to pursue honing my skill on this medium.   
   On the overall aspect on why I paint or the strategies that I employ to create an artwork... it is at this point on the virtue of the common term "Sharing".... but what is really the meaning of sharing? It can be a lot of things and it means a lot... we are social beings, we need the approval of someone somehow... it's how we evaluate ourselves if we are meeting the so-called "standard" of LIKABILITY.  It's not that we don't mind, we do really mind. This thirst for approval or thumbs up from the society we live in isn't really a bad thing, as they make it sound all so narcissistic and self-centered. There is a positive thing on these being a true character of each individual since day one of our infant consciousness.   All we need is to realized that not everything we like are granted. 

So here we are...just doing the right thing that we are capable of executing.... if it's right it will eventually find it's way... water always find its level.

Remember that I have so many things going on inside on my head... my brain can't stand still on a single data... images always shift.... focus always distant and dreamy... but now I'm bringing up this awareness to piece together who am I as artist and as a human being as well.  
   And so I move forward and repackage my art with a new label...Collective Random Analysis.