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DOCUMENTARY: Himala Ngayon


Sporadic Random Thought into CRA

What is really keeping me busy these past  days even month that I have not log anything? No one seems to bother reading blogs nowadays however there might come a time that whatever is written could one day be of any value... 
   The enormous shadow banning , disinformation campaign, limited audience, disinterested and disillusion people, all contributed to my disinterest as well to share my thoughts... Yah, we have Free-speech but who do we talk to when they can't see us?
   Anyway, despite the odds we can try... sometimes lost soul are lead to enlightenment in mysterious ways. ☺

   Been exploring coffee painting and gaining quite a respect on this field so I decided to pursue honing my skill on this medium.   
   On the overall aspect on why I paint or the strategies that I employ to create an artwork... it is at this point on the virtue of the common term "Sharing".... but what is really the meaning of sharing? It can be a lot of things and it means a lot... we are social …