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How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife

I was absorb the whole day rereading a book that once inspired me to write. First read it when I was in High-school as part of our English class literature material. Manuel E. Arguilla to me has remained one of those Filipino wordsmith that has used English as if it were a Philippine dialect. 

 And back in College I was able to acquire this First edition 1940 Collections of his short-stories.... it was that time when the so called modern era we now experience was slowly  seeping in....yet there was that simplicity...the raw and rugged imagery....something that I barely knew and experience.
   The journey to life isn't a walk in the park. Memories flooded from a half remembered past. Vivid carelessness which focuses on scamp details. 

Would be releasing a bolder-braver-more open red-pill giver person soon. It has to be, it must be done...time draws near.
Better gear-up, the release and unleash is almost here.  

Non-conformist to the system due to conscience and to stand up for what you …

Michael Jackson Tribute - Heal The World - Child Prodigy Cover


TOP 5 | MAGIA IMPOSIBLE (impossible magic)


As an Inspiration

A definite goal...what is success to you...not from anybody else? For obvious reasons the "means" have become the pinnacle of success instead of what we really wanted in our life. Gold is simply an object or the means where we could trade them for other things or as beautification....or simply put to fulfill what we a vehicle to reach goals but others have made the automobile an end it itself....and so I have to do another thinking.     So, okay although I have set my path on different perspective which is living by the beauty of the moment....with lots and lots of common sense actually. 
   I'm just very grateful that I can still paint...have you realized the values of these art materials?  Just the ability and having the opportunity is enough to be cheerful for...some people don't have that privilege or luxury of time. 

So I just paint...maybe to become at least as an inspiration from the hassle and bustle of this crazy world. 
   But are you going to have a …

Overwhelm them with Positive Things

Open rebuke is better than secret love. -- Proverbs 27:5

What's going on? I couldn't believe what my senses are experiencing. Good things are being ignored now and sometimes worst, those people who share good news are ridiculed. Most people have lost their sense on what is good...because we let it happened...and maybe because over zealous God loving people pester us with too much of love and faith...Darkness hate the light, and the world have embrace darkness unknowingly.  Well I'm not going to nag you on these,  but as usual I feel compel to speak out 

What does human produce...The number one is armament, next liquor and cigarette, third is pharma...on the internet is pornography. What kind of people have we become? 
“In the scientific world the question of pornography effects is no longer a hot issue. It’s really not debated anymore. The scientists and professionals are no longer ‘pretending not to know.’ The new pornography commission is almost redundant. Everybody knows th…

The Values of Value

It really surprises me that I can still surprise myself. By merely focusing on tonal values I can now create better likeness with ease. It started with that trial on a Jordan Peterson painting that I made....basically the blocking technique where I manipulate the surface to copy the subject came from a method of Andrew Tischler but the importance of values came from every other videos who seems to talk mostly about it. Me too, I casually talk about it but never really taken that into serious focus until Stefan Baumann's inspirational and conceptual lecture brought me into its utmost importance...specially the lighting. 

   How to divide the image into chunk and the relative surrounding shape, shade, and simply looking at the shapes of tones and not really minding anything else I could actually replicate complicated images. 
   Still trying to adapt on this method...will be another journey to follow...

The magnetism is coming thru as you command all the water to follow...

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