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Ingo Swann - Human Super Sensitivities and the Future


Test The Spirit where it is Coming from

I've been talking most of the time about "Testing Spirits" but have I really given careful analysis on this matter? How do we recognize where the Spirit is coming from? Previous to this article I've pointed out those things that a whistle-blower must come to accept. Thus, to a person who want to represent certain ideologies, vocation, or causes: he or she must first check his inner-self, whether we are standing in a firm foundation.  A good point that I want to stress on the article below is that, it is not only about recognizing the true intent of a Subject matter but also to carefully check our system as well.  There must be an evidence of Love and pure intention to truly help another person discover and understand the truth as live according to the standard of God in Heaven.  Just to prove to another person you are right or that you are in the side of the Truth is not the ultimate purpose why  we share the Gospels but because we genuinely want others to c…

Always Seeking The Kingdom

Resonance on E-flat Major 11" X 10" Oil on Canvas  2018
The very nature of an Artist is that he or she is pre-ordained to Testify...we have this strong conviction to re-create Life....including it's failure and victories. We testify for or against beliefs, we share the raw nature of everything around us the way we believe it should be. God has bestowed upon us...the glory to be praise by men. 
Isn't it wonderful that God is so generous to share this very unique feeling and experience to be able to create?....and admired by men. 
Yet, I believe God has ensured that we don't become too Self-Centered...He has given us a spirit that will always yearns for the original Divine source called "inspiration". He always call us back to refill our spirit. 
Only those who refuse this power shall die of frustration and a broken heart. 
Bring back all Glory to God our ultimate source of Inspiration.

10 The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people …