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Only You can Define Success

Looking around isn't just using the eyes to see but to visualize ahead what you wanted to convey....and don't be afraid to change your mind.

"To err is human, to forgive divine." (-forgot who quoted it) 
So I've been redefining my life's path. I must come to accept certain things that a true Child of God can not escape and must pass thru while here on temporal earth. I'll be talking more  on these some other time. 

Re-sharing this wisdom, something that I've wrote a couple of years ago around this Holiday time.
The definition of success is infinite.... Don't let other people DICTATE the meaning of success for YOU. Therefore, only you can work on it and only you can plan on it. If YOUR success is in the hands of other people then you don't have full control over is more likely to Fail because you would NEED their APPROVAL to reach that goal you have in mind.Example: If your AIM is to win the contest, then your Success is in the Hands of the…