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A Stand for Faith, When to kick some ass and when to let go

Once again I had this debate with another Unbeliever.... I thought I'm done with trying to prove there is God...but sometimes, there are some comment that would really flare up your nostrils. Besides this person had been a former foe of 4S and one of those GP hardcore who seem to have swore to put us down...everybody knew he had this bad attitude...and as a matter of fact, he was kicked-out from the said group I was told later. So it was really about an old conflict.     I wasn't aware that he was an Atheist...he commented on my sharing and called it "nonsense" ...therefore, I asked in what sense...    His reply surprises me, it was even more nonsense and compared it to a "rainbow colored shit of a unicorn..."     He is degrading my faith so I have to make a stand right?     So I showed him who he is trying to knock down....most atheist thought that all Christians or believer are uninformed stupid brainwash sheep. They all brag about their Logic. So I showed hi…

The Inherent Software

Collective Manifestation series #5   draft title: internal reconfiguration  18" X 12" oil on paper  status: in-progress

God has encoded in our heart a software called FREEWILL. This app enable as to chose between Right and Wrong. You don't need an additional port to plug the USB of Religion. Most of their Downloads are infected with Virus. You can run the Scripture Scanner to check what they Teach. Clean your system. Read The Holy can be downloaded with the help of Holy Spirit, asked and it shall be given. Free. 
....and there is another application in our system which most of us had neglected to is the software called WISDOM.... many people thought we need an Extra Special Processor (ESP) to  be compatible and keep it running...but actually knowing its Generic name will keep you going. WISDOM is simply Common Sense. Those unnecessary/necessary download of Society and Educational system  had mounted over this app that we have forgotten how to use it.... D…

The Transliteration Culprit

First, Let's talk about the origin of the word SIR. ☺
Well, for that matter let's discuss how Titles originated. Since, recently I've notice how Titles were given sporadically or to be more accurate how vocabularies evolve dramatically and some get lost in translation as communication speed up faster than my internet connection. Sometimes misunderstanding happens between the Techie, the Geeks, The Old Schools, The Vets, The Newbies, so on and so forth.... and it's not Good to  your Health if you can't understand the Generics of the Term the younger generation gives to you.... You will argue on a useless point without realizing you are basically saying the same thing only in different Title or Signs. 
Oh yes, how many times I've tried to point out to little children that Anime is basically Cartoons. and your Lolo and Lola's call them Kenkoy.Well for Formality it is Animated Pictures. 
I'm not relying here on Google and wikipedia but from my capacity and may…

My Second National Contest

As much as I want to be isolated for awhile...
I've joined simply because I just like to be around with fellow artist.... 
Lost but was able to capture an attention from one of the judge with that blue dot on the lower left corner. I'm keeping this one...instead of fully scratching the whole thing like I've did before....
This was AAP's 69th on-the-spot contest sponsored by The Attic Gallery Cafe.... it was fun all the frustration whatsoever, I feel revitalized once again.