Friday, March 17, 2017

A Stand for Faith, When to kick some ass and when to let go

Once again I had this debate with another Unbeliever.... I thought I'm done with trying to prove there is God...but sometimes, there are some comment that would really flare up your nostrils. Besides this person had been a former foe of 4S and one of those GP hardcore who seem to have swore to put us down...everybody knew he had this bad attitude...and as a matter of fact, he was kicked-out from the said group I was told later. So it was really about an old conflict. 
   I wasn't aware that he was an Atheist...he commented on my sharing and called it "nonsense" ...therefore, I asked in what sense...
   His reply surprises me, it was even more nonsense and compared it to a "rainbow colored shit of a unicorn..." 
   He is degrading my faith so I have to make a stand right? 
   So I showed him who he is trying to knock down....most atheist thought that all Christians or believer are uninformed stupid brainwash sheep. They all brag about their Logic. So I showed him what is more logical....
   Anyways, these sudden realization came to me today after that debate. 
   In the heat of an argument anything can turn really unpleasant and ugly. Instead of resolving the differences...our ego want to get even and bash the heads of another to prove that your "Side" is much better. Losing my opportunity to turn unbeliever back to God's arm. 
   Damaged done is really harder to recover character than keep it. Yes it is perfectly alright to defend and fight back....but to punish with hatred was I believe an excess. 

   Well, I did hit him with some awakening blow, for the sake of recording this hard-hitting fact  here are my replies to his challenge. 

Re: Respond to John's video presentation (Please look for the said video I've just shared below) I'm not going to tag you anymore or mention your full name for the discomfort that may bring to your life after this response. I don't hate you. 
John, this would be long so I hope you will carefully scrutinized my response and I beg don't speedread and used your Critical Thinking that you any rate, I don't want to waste my words, so I'm sharing this for the benefit of all, the wisdom that may open up their understanding of God. At least by chance, I've made another unbeliever return to His creator. Don't be so vain to think that I'm doing all of these only for your sake. I'm doing this also to protect "My Word" that you've ridiculed as Non-sense and compared to a rainbow colored shit. I can dismiss you right away as not worth my time because of the track record you had with people even within the group where you are Admin. That's not my issue, so I am going to be patient with you at least, just this once. 
Now about your issue with me. Pardon but the video is stupid and beating its own purpose to disproved God, it actually confirms there is an Intelligent designer who makes everything Logical, and of course there's that Satanic philosopher little guy in a diaper questioning the intelligence of God... sadly, the video depicted a supposedly intelligent being as stupid. That is obviously not the God of the Bible we know or any other Intelligent Being. Logic tells me so....
Now, it is obvious that someone has created someone very intelligent may question how he exist or what is his purpose in life? Acceptable....and God has answered that in The Bible, believe it or not....
It's enough for you to know who created you and your purpose, I can discuss to you more proof that there is in fact a God, if you will not be bias, I can give you another Media mileage that you desperately seek...Now, If you are going to question who created God, He will answer that once we get there....I pray He is not lecturing this to you in hell.
Okay, I know you don't believe in this shouldn't hurt you. 
Here's a Computer manufactured by Someone, suddenly open his monitor and asked who created me.... The prophet of that Someone would simply said, look at the manual....underneath that page is your Creator. Now the computer seems not satisfied,
"I don't believe you, I just existed...ah eh, when my monitor open...and who created your intelligent software if you are my Creator?" 
Let's make my little story a bit shorter...Then Someone decided to unplugged the Computer. The End.
Now why? Because It does not concern your life to know how God's mind thinks. It is only human's pride to "Be Like God..." 
You will not be condemn to hell because you can not fathom the mind of God. Are you going to be Richer or Poorer with or without this knowledge? Have you ever heard from any Religion here on Earth that we must understand the intelligence and internal working of God's mind to be save? or for that matter to breath? Will there be perpetual Peace on Earth if you know the Exact nature of God? Is it so important for you to know Him that much? I HOPE YOU REALLY DO WANT TO KNOW THE HEART AND MIND OF GOD! But that is not necessary my friend, you can not even number the hair on your body. 
He does not require that for your salvation nor my salvation. So don't worry on those things. IF IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW WHO IS GOD, YOU WILL NOT FIND HIM OUTSIDE HIS KINGDOM. If you had SINCERELY seek God or the meaning of life, you should have search Him on the right places....NOT on some Atheist site or Science journals. They don't talk about God, they've been trying to trace how we exist and trying to pinpoint our origin....they haven't reach that point yet. The Title of the video is scary..."I Trust in Science...." when it hasn't reached any certainty yet.
In fact, hanggang ngayon nga wala pa rin tayong tunay na Photo nang mismong Mundo natin, eh 2017 na. Subukan mong hanapin sa internet ang tunay na larawan ng Earth. Wala, ipinapangako ko yan sa'yo. Wala. Wala. Kung tunay kang Critical Thinker. Kapag may nahanap ka na tunay na Photo ng Earth na buo at bilog, post mo sa FB ha?! Anyway, Tapos ipagkakatiwala mo ang kinabukasan mo sa Science? 
The Fact that there is a God, who has caused everything to exist perfectly for life to thrive should've made you think more than twice... Look around for the obvious evidences of a Designer. Look at your face? Do you see how it was perfectly painted? I assume you are an Artist because you're an Admin of an Art group. Can you paint FREEHAND or using GRID? anyway, they both require artistry and was an act that need intelligent designer. Look at your hands, they were so fragile and yet able to lift heavy object. They can distinguish more than a hundred texture by mere touch. Has any machine done that? Logic tells me none....
Now you are questioning the Logical explaination of how God's intelligent become. May I quote a verse which explains His nature, whom the stupid god in that video can not answer....I'm using the letter of your Tukayo in John 1:1 "In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God."
Now Listen carefully.....WORDS, messages, languages, coded information, that Verse you've just read, this respond.... can never come from anything else beside a MIND. Has there by any chance any accident that can produce a single readable Message without using a Mind? All messages must come from a Mind. Agree? 
You know John, if I were you, since you seems to be intelligent to have asked all these question and have the guts to comment on my post without respect, I should have immediately recognized in my vast CERTAIN knowledge that there is Someone who created me besides my parent's parent. Sayang ang talino mo... 
You have been accusing Religious fanatics about their Blind Faith in Books written by mere men from Ancient civilization. How about your blind faith in Fairy Tale's of Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and everything about modern Sciences? Have you computed for yourself the distance between the Earth and the sun? Look for Real Science I suggest that deals with real experiment not fairy tales. 
Please John, or Please Dear Unbeliever, open up your mind and accept Jesus Christ... or at least Believe in Someone greater than you. I will pray for you. You have a Logical Mind, Think of God, at least just for this single moment...give Him a chance to talk to you. Prove Him!!!

The video is straightforward disobedience to God. 

♫ Heal the world, make it a better place...

for you and for me and the entire human race...
there are people dying.... ☺ ♪ 

I am just an ordinary artist trying to make a living out of my art. From time to time, I like to share my personal views and opinion most especially my faith in God. Thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg who has given us a platform to express these views and at the same time promote our services and expertise thru Facebook. May libreng Selfies ka pa... 
Anyway, sometime people had mistaken these sharing of Faith, appearing to be as if I am trying to act as a Self-proclaim Preacher or the "Holier than thou" kind of person. I often think, sometimes is it really worth it?
I cried yesterday, because I might have hurt another person in the process...I confess this to God.
I search my heart afterwards..... That soft God voice wasn't speaking. He remain silent up to now. Then I realized, the same vanity of those preachers that I dislike...I added scorned and unnecessary remarks. Oh how foolish of me.
Sorry world, these are not Gospels, these are not Good News...those are just vanities.
Please forgive me.
Then the win blew and whispered, "Humble yourselves...this world would be a better place."

Most Unbeliever thought that ALL believer are Uniformed-Brainwashed-Sheep...
While Believer thought that ALL unbeliever are Unrepentant-Proud-Monkeys....
One day, they will realized that ALL of us will be answerable by one CERTAINTY...
and That is Death. 
The Believer's chances are, he either go to Heaven or Hell. 
While the Unbeliever chances expect nothing. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Inherent Software

Collective Manifestation series #5 
 draft title: internal reconfiguration 
18" X 12" oil on paper 
status: in-progress

God has encoded in our heart a software called FREEWILL. This app enable as to chose between Right and Wrong.
You don't need an additional port to plug the USB of Religion. Most of their Downloads are infected with Virus.
You can run the Scripture Scanner to check what they Teach.
Clean your system. Read The Holy can be downloaded with the help of Holy Spirit, asked and it shall be given. Free. 

....and there is another application in our system which most of us had neglected to is the software called WISDOM.... many people thought we need an Extra Special Processor (ESP) to  be compatible and keep it running...but actually knowing its Generic name will keep you going. WISDOM is simply Common Sense.
Those unnecessary/necessary download of Society and Educational system  had mounted over this app that we have forgotten how to use it.... Don't worry our Experience will tell us what to Delete later in life.  BUT the sad part though is that some can be very infected with junk files and in the long run failure to defragment these files using The Word (of God) processor could lead to total collapse. 
Check your Common Sense now, no need for regular is Wisdom. It has been there long before Science enters your Hard-Drive. The Old Computer knew these....they had to be Born-Again in Spirit and in Truth.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Transliteration Culprit

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First, Let's talk about the origin of the word SIR. ☺

Well, for that matter let's discuss how Titles originated. Since, recently I've notice how Titles were given sporadically or to be more accurate how vocabularies evolve dramatically and some get lost in translation as communication speed up faster than my internet connection. Sometimes misunderstanding happens between the Techie, the Geeks, The Old Schools, The Vets, The Newbies, so on and so forth.... and it's not Good to  your Health if you can't understand the Generics of the Term the younger generation gives to you.... You will argue on a useless point without realizing you are basically saying the same thing only in different Title or Signs. 

Oh yes, how many times I've tried to point out to little children that Anime is basically Cartoons. and your Lolo and Lola's call them Kenkoy.Well for Formality it is Animated Pictures. 

I'm not relying here on Google and wikipedia but from my capacity and may not be able to discuss all but simply to give you an overview base on my personal

observation , hopefully to avoid animosity because base on my experience, I can not Google these terms, for they are more often Localized and obviously still subject for future definition....and of course I do not want to appear uninformed especially when you are in the middle of a heated debate. 

Now, I am someone from  the Bagets generation. I've seen how the world turns from Black and White into High Defenitons. I've seen various versions of Tarzans thru out the years, and I'm not that unaware that both the Disney version and Tarzan X had sexual content. Hahaha.

As I was saying, I think at least, I know a couple of things between The Oldies, the Yuppies, the in-between and The Current generation when it comes to Dictionary evolutions. I can define to you Ilustrados, Felibustero,  Jeffrox  Hippies, Funkista, Gamol, Hokage, Bae, etc.... 

I don't know how you would like to call your Era but some call this as Generation X.

During Ancient time, when Kingdoms and Caste rule the Earth, Titles or Addresses were given not to degrade a person but more often to elevate a person's status. For  honor and to destiguish him or her from the rest of the crowd. Like you would begin to say, His Excellency Hon. Rodrigo Duterte, if you are task to introduce the Prexy of our motherland. It was only very recent when respectful Titles became an insult Like Querida which is a Spanish of Beloved became to be "The other woman", Likewise, Mistress, Hostess, and GRO. These were respectable Label until modern translator came.  

A Newbies don't want to be called as a Noob, but it both came from the same root word.... New or is safe to call today a Neophyte as a Newbie but never a Noob

because it implies to a stupid first timer. 

Like in the Art scene there's the word Mamaw from Halimaw. Halimaw of course means Monster but when the transliteration was re-invented by creative people, it became Title given to an Expert Artist or someone whose level of craftmanship was beyond normal human beings...thus, he is indeed unhuman, alien or truly is a monster by artistic standard, almost similar to a Maestro....but more often used by contemporaries. Also

Master and Maestro has separated it's meaning but both originally means a Teacher, or a Sensei, someone who is expert in a specific area of skills and knowledge. Other culture though has that distinction for Master and Servant. Thus, it is a Teacher and Student relationship. You Serve as an Apprentice to your Master to Learn from Him. It turns into a Slavery as time goes by....

So the word Master  has became Too forceful it has  to be Revise to a more accepted Term. A Teacher, is a person who Teach and a Student is someone who Study under him. Business has to scratch the term too, so they call themselves Employer and Employee. 

Words changes its meaning most of the time when it crosses bounderies or when transliteration happened. Christ or Messiah originally means Ancient Hebrew it implies to a Coming King....but obviously today you wouldn't call any person who save you as Christ. He can be a Hero but not a SuperHero like Christ. Still not accepted right? 

Maid came from Maiden....The feminine version of the Master and Servant. These Maiden are under the tutelage of their Mistress how to be fine housewife someday. To learn house chores so they became the origin of Maids....which we now call in Filipino not as Katulong anymore but Kasambahay. But Maiden are not the Geisha of Japan, train into an art of becoming a perfect wife....or someone that can fully satisfy the Male needs. 

Now how about the word seems to me this came more likely from the Russian Tsar, Czar, or King. Which the Anglo-saxons pronounces as Sire. But all I know

a Sir was a Title given to an Esquire who has achieved Knighthood.... recently we have Sir Elton John and yes even Mr. Bean, Sir Rowan Atkins. The title Sir given to a Knight has evolve from a Defender of the Crown but now for their Excellent achievement and glory given for their Kingdom. Therefor a Sir is an Officer, A gentleman, like a Knight in shining armor. 

Some words also came from Religious titles. Like Angels 

Idols were Icons which is someone you Idolizes and you're a Fan of that person. Idols  were compared to Stars, shining up there in the Limelights. In the Heavens of Hollywood. Bow to their glory Oh Ye Club  of Fanatics. ☺

Titles are Signs and Symbols that ruled the world. The Anti-Christ will came this way...with a Title, the Sign of the Beast. His name is 666. I wonder what Title shall they will invent for the over-all Leader of the world? Anyway....I'm getting off track again... 

Words changes meaning slowly like I've been noticing the younger generation now understood EPIC to mean failed or failure.  Vocabulary is a very rich topic to talk about as The Ninja move..... 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Second National Contest

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As much as I want to be isolated for awhile...
I've joined simply because I just like to be around with fellow artist.... 
Lost but was able to capture an attention from one of the judge with that blue dot on the lower left corner. I'm keeping this one...instead of fully scratching the whole thing like I've did before....
This was AAP's 69th on-the-spot contest sponsored by The Attic Gallery Cafe.... it was fun all the frustration whatsoever, I feel revitalized once again. 

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 Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and child