Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ye 'Tough I Walk....

I thought it was the end of me....the pain was so extreme I dare to call it excruciating....like out of the cross. I've feared that it could be a kidney failure or worst appendicitis. No worries after all, they've just found minimal infections....

Huwaw! Thank you sooooo much po! All of you are amazing in sending me Healing energies. They found swarms of unidentified floating object on my urethra. smile emoticon very minimal infections and I believe your prayers help in causing the extreme pain to subside. Can't believe that Stress was able to penetrate my immune system even if I have daily doses of meditations and prayers. Gotta have more. heart emoticon The sad news is I have to avoid most of my favorites delicacies like Coffee and street food. frown emoticon
Anyway, Thank you so much.

At the end of each day we will lay down and rest...so that we may look up and realized that there is someone up there....

I have to make it clear, my stand why I don't like the Hashtag Pray for Paris. It's a sound bite, the exact action the perpetrators want you to do. Come on, wake up! The issue of religion is very sensitive and one of the key reason for this attack. 

To those people who prays daily, they don't need to be reminded to pray against evil. To make a phrase TRENDING that would incite division is very dangerous my friend. 
Katy Perry calling us to pray for Paris? Huwat??? Look at her, do you think she really prayed?!!!

At the end of each day we will lay down and rest...so that we may look up and realized that there is someone up there....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Calendar Girl and June Bride Event

Nov 14.... I guess this is the biggest event we ever had, okay, I've always said that every Greater and grander event one after another at 4S. The venue is at the clubhouse of Laguna Bel-air 1. Sponsored by June Bride, yes right, it's Mam Gigi Garcia Yonzon who will exhibit our work for her June bride event last August... plus The awarding of Calendar Girl and other sideline MCs. Oh we are full packed with event I'm so excited going there.

with Apple reunited with our works for June Bride 

Little Marimar, Elijah Alejo selling Leche flan....

Winners for Special Master's Challenge 1,2, and 3.....

How can you concentrate when a renown Art critic is watching ?
...plus your model is mother of a beauty queen.

Exhibits and Awards night rolled into one. Saan ka pa!! 

Winner ☺ Finalist
Yes!!!! One of the 12 Finalist....

The Bridesmaid

winners for Marimar on the spot....

In behalf of the Board of Admins and 4S Elite squad, I would like to THANK, each and everyone of you who participated in the recently concluded joint Exhibition at Laguna Bel-air. I also would like to take this opportunity to Thank from the bottom of my heart, our sponsor Ms. Gigi Garcia Yonzon for making all of these possible. It was truly an Affair to Remember. Also our Admin Head Noel David who mastermind it all. Let's give a round of applaus to this Gentleman we simply called Sir Pops . 
I also would like to congratulate our New champion Alvin Montano and welcome to the club. Marko Bello congrats for the neck to neck battle as 1st runner-up, it was truly a suspenseful event. A salute also to Michael Michael Montanez for being one of the top contender as 2nd runners-up, plus you and your wife Charmaine Reyes Cristobal's effort in heading the arrangement of our event. 
To our PR Apple D Apps who coordinated the movement of the group, to Bunso Mary Ann Esteban Cuevas who keep us updated, Sis Earlene Lee Collis-Smith who keep us on track, Fernando Ranie Salazar, Joan Villa-Espina Soriano Honoridez, Tet Tet Beltran, Sunny Candare Montada, Rusty Tabo Diana Riukas DeAcereto, Edmund M. Mamuyac and may I also add Mam Betty Dela Fuente, Jose Tolentino Jimenez and former Admin Armar Ramirez and Vince Roque..... Who guided the new ones every step of the way and sending feedback constantly to the Board...it was a collective effort, which most of our members don't know that we regularly brainstorm in a forum.
Again, The Event exemplify what 4S is all about. Competing with the best of the best and yet everyone is treated as equal. No Master. No Newbies. No Looser.
We realized at the end of the day, that it isn't about Winning or Losing but the Friendship that binds us, needless to say thru this activity we become ONE...as a Family. As we've said: "All is fair in Love, Art, and War".
Till next event. Mabuhay.
Your operation manager at your service!!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

More relax now as a painter, I don't pressure myself yet I'm more concentrated in hearing the voices of hues, shapes, and colors....especially now, a lot of texture.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Thinking maybe I am better as a painterly artist...playing in colors is so natural for me and the textured finish was my forte. Taking every stroke seriously but playful in manner.

The real problem I am facing now is "Where"? 
I can find yet the right market for my merchandise. 

For me, Composition is the most important element of an Art work . Without this, an artwork is nothing but just mere exhibition of your ability to paint or draw. It is like reading without comprehension. A great art stands out, it lingers in our hearts and soul. It doesn't fade in our memories even if the artworks are long gone.

   Just saw this factual comparison... people would like to believe what they like to believe