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Artistry on Divine Coincidences

I've never impressed myself in years....caught the technique by divine coincidences again and I've realized that this is how things work for me. It was intended to be an impressionist approach but after laying down the colors, I saw the could even go further to hyper-realism but I want it this way to retain my insignia.      Now really, what is it with paper that I can do better tricks than using canvas? 
   To hear the voices of colors between each feel is everything. And I can see the magic, the mysteries, and the wonderful works of God The Father better. 
   God came right on time...He provided. In Jesus name.

Molly Eva


Obando Rediscoveries

Saving money for this trip to Obando,  Bulacan to meet my artist the way, the first artist that I've really met when I first enter the art scene was Vince Roque and Joselito Jimenez. And since then, still the closest artist friend I had; also with Bro. Edmund Mamuyac (who live in La Union) for which another trip I'm planning, probably next year. I came up front into the art world for the sake of friendship above having connections. 
   Oct 27-28...On the painting above (that guy on the right) is Rolly Alcantara who was fishing some Bangus (milkfish) for our dinner that night, he welcomed me warmly while I was waiting for Vince and Jose to arrive when I took my "just visitation" in Obando. I was so surprised that Sir Rolly has improved a lot on his paintings and can now create human figure...and selling too, making a name of his own. I also admire him as a person, witty and funny all the time.     I spent my overnight in Sir Rolly's humble home studio a…

A Grand Play

It is because the life that I've regrets. I'm willing to cross those path that are often thorny and studded with disappointment. I persevere because this is me...the very essence of my existence, the valued gift of The Creator. Thank you Father God for choosing me to play this part.    Life is filled with Divine Coincidences... some may call it randomly accidental but for me those tiny details form the big picture of a grander plan. 
   Now really am I part of the plan? That piece of a puzzle. I still believe I play an important role. Somehow. Somewhere.
   There's a reason for everything... although sometimes I feel insignificant. Yet, I can not imagine myself not being an artist. 

   I've stopped believing in the Electoral system many years ago, the whole package down to the voting public. 

   Are you sure...really really sure that this nation is ready for a Disciplinarian? Reading the Headlines, I guess this nation deserve the discipline she is asking for.  C…

It was beautiful then.....


Halt !

The fire extinguished very quickly before I realized that certain realities can not easily be altered easily in one push. Even good things must come to an end or at least halt.  

Re-think and re-organizing my thought once again. 

The Full Cycle

The Luck could be falling into proper places now...and now as I can see clearer that God's way is always better. I asked for an Exhibit you gave a Gallery. More than what I asked for and expected, Marilyn a.k.a. Apple wanted me partner to manage the Art Gallery Cafe (Famous Food Bucket) somewhat like a curator.
I don't know why people trust me on these things. I'm not even expert or well verse on these matters. Perhaps it's because I care so much. 
♫ Oh yes! I'm the great pretender...pretending that I'm doing well.... ♪ 

Below, was my MC done in oil and paper... probably I'm beginning to understand how it works.... now maybe I can decide to be a true impressionist. They've just given me that title. 

I'm still trying to grasp what is it all about....I made my move...could be...and hopefully.... international.... 

Some people believe that life is a weird cycle but I don't. Cycles goes stagnate the person. Life should be spiraling outward..…

The Power You Have, as it is

One day, you will have your voice heard...wait for the right moment when all the Noisy crowd ran out of things to say. One day, they will turn around and have a second look at what you are trying to say.... Keep on painting.... keep believing... My father believe that, we all deserve at least an hour of Fame in our lifetime. But are you ready when that time comes? Into my self-analysis once seems a crack that I've overlooked is seeping in to distort my claim to fame or at least enjoy these recent achievement. I need to reconnect with my to enjoy the fruit of these outpouring blessings. I don't have to be guilty or shy away....this had been what I really wished all along.
So why do I feel tired, consumed, and less expectant? The real pain in my aging body... and yet many much older persons are stronger and living the fullness of life but now why me? What was it all about that I feel drain.... I've been suffering from unknown depression even if I ha…

My Share on MAP for Climate Change

Is really billing that important? And oh wow, Ambafrance Manille used my artwork as poster design... that was way ahead that what I expected. All the Glory I'm bringing this back to Father God in Heaven. Now I have the voice...or maybe starting to have that voice. This had been a long fervent prayers with literally blood, sweat, and tears. When opportunity strikes, cease it! Ask for the Lord Jesus guidance...

Fher Mission Ymas
“Aftermath, The Unheard Notices”, 32x32in., oil on canvas, 2015 

We've heard those voices calling, notices, grievances and it seems that these prophesies were written down on walls long enough not to take action for…

About the Artist: Born July 10, 1967, Fernando Missiona Ymas is a freelance Visual Artist from BiƱan City, Laguna, Philippines. He is currently the Operation Manager of the very dynamic Art Group Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society or 4S. He is basically self-taught and had spent nearly half of his life working on various odd jobs b…

Destiny are Results of Spontaneous Decisions

Aldub love theme of Eat Bulaga's KalyeSerye is undeniably a phenomena. It just came....the series of event just pop out and maybe we can say  that's how destiny work.    Destiny are strings of spontaneous decisions. We can alter the course of our future through every single steps we will make. . . at this very moment.

I'm starting read myself on the artistic area of my fact this is my entire life. Just found a perfect whisperer on this area, her name is Crista Cloutier and I've just signed to her mailing list and getting free resources and advise on her blog. So far, I'm filling in great info and advises from her and they seem to pedal up my I wrote something I've learned from her on my FB status...the essences by the way, to adopt inside the Philippine's art scenario.

Dahil may social media na. Sa mga struggling artist na kagaya ko. HUWAG na huwag kayo mag PM sa mga Gallery owner at mag send nang mga Artworks nyo…