Friday, July 31, 2015

Lingering Aroma

Dedication and Focus....very intense focus and concentrated patience was all I ever need. I usually give up or lose concentration very easily...thinking it was beyond my reach but now I've realized that i still have something to exert and more to release within me. 

Remembering my promises before that I would truly concentrate and refine my work but it seems I did only half of the effort. Patience and again I say concentrated and calm patience was truly a big factor in creating refined masterpieces. 

Doing it right at the very start or building the foundation properly is truly very vital. And that's the lesson I've learned these past days  while creating my series of coffee art without using pencil. Ironically that's what I've actually learned even without the basic sketches before beginning to lay colors...actually it has become my habit not to do sketches and go directly. It may not be applicable to everyone but it worked for me. It made me more sensitive, careful, and cautious on every detail thinking a step ahead each time I dip the brush. When you have no room for mistakes you will be more concentrated not to fail.   

What people don't actually see is that I had many mistakes between the pictures that I've post on my FB timeline. I can't compose things properly specially when I've tried using oil pastel....perhaps because I can not give what I do not have and I can not push myself to create what i do not feel. At this moment I guess my feeling was more incline to coffee art so it easily flows.... like recently my inclination was on color-pencils so I created more wonderful pieces with it. 

But I'm doing also some oil paint work for the August moon tourney and the Bible with hands commission that still lying on one corner untouched...I still can not feel doing it at this moment.  It's not going to be healthy for future clients if I let mood overtake me....

Thanks to my 4S family and the great artist within the group that I was able to realized my weaknesses. Just when I thought my work was okay they weren't actually good enough after all. So I push harder to beat my own record...yet I am truly enjoying everything now...well almost. I can do what I want and I'm free to express myself. Thanks for my understanding wife. 

More on Coffee

Just paint! Begin! Start! and..... 

You will realized that it's actually the hardest part...

   I'm more incline into coffee painting nowadays.... I can't come up with something these past days. I'm having a hard time composing so the usual thing was get beautiful faces or exercises with nude works. 

   Now I'm beginning to accustomed  myself in chewing garlic. 

The salud Mural project of Mam Luz is still on planning stage....I'm really forward on this one for the wide range of opportunities that might come along after or during this venture in Parañaque. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fher-losopically Speaking Again

Art isn't about what you expect to see; it's about what you should see.
Ang Sining ay hindi tungkol sa mga bagay na gusto mong makita;
ito'y tungkol sa mga bagay na dapat mong makita.

Teach your children the value of Art materials....
Pencil rendition helps them makes plan, charcoal show them how to be simple, watercolor teach them caution, pastels to see harmony, acrylic to act fast, and oil to be patient.

Does your Artwork or Idea has value? Then how much? Can we value them by how many LIKES or like emoticon thumbs up? hmmm Maybe. 
But for me the best way to measure them is if people TALK about it.... or in Cyber language: Does your viewer SHARE IT? 
That's real value!!! Because people are so captured with your creation, they are willing and so happy to share them.

We are often told that Practice makes perfect. Why? Because every inch of our body Remember, Retains, and Refine what it constantly do. 
It's the same reason why Bad habit are hard to break. You're not good in watercolor because you have not downloaded the watercolor software in your muscle yet. Downloading info takes time... 
I say: " Form Good Habits and become its Slave."
Back to Fher-losopy 101 again.... I need to Psyche myself.

'cause I seem to have lost the memories.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Symptoms and Forming Habits

My sister just arrived, how time flies and I really do miss her now after more than two years.... clouds changes form right before our eyes. Yesterdays came suddenly when we were kids that usually fights a lot. So now, let's just cherish moment.... and soon memories. 

....and here's my ballpen sketch for Kelly and Gina finally had the work of Edmund Mamuyac and pastel by Sir Armar Ramirez

   I do experience different kinds of ailment now.... getting old or poor habit that accumulated after years of intended ignorance. I'm not supernatural after all. 

   We are often told that Practice makes perfect. Why? Because every inch of our body Remember, Retains, and Refine what it constantly do. 
It's the same reason why Bad habit are hard to break. You're not good in watercolor because you have not downloaded the watercolor software in your muscle yet. Downloading info takes time... 
I say: " Form Good Habits and become its Slave."

Back to Fher-losopy 101 again.... I need to Psyche myself.

Reviewing these old watercolor pieces....'cause I seem to have lost the memories.

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a Sunshine Award

Ohhhh... I have forgotten about these award... well, just sharing it for now....

      A nomination for a Sunshine Award from Manisha Bathia at When I Was Lost in Me which was in turn given to her by SonaLee Desai. 

Following are the rules of the award:
  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
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  1. Favorite colour – White
  2. Favorite animal – Dog
  3. Favorite number – 9
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink –Water
  5. Facebook or twitter – Facebook
  6. Passion – To learn new things 
  7. Getting or giving presents – I really love gifting to special ones and recieveing but usually shy when recieved :P
  8. Favorite pattern – Vertical lines
  9. Favorite Day of the Week – Not specific
  10. Favorite flower – Red Rose
Blogger nomination for the Sunshine Award

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Enjoy dear buddies yeah its your day ;)

Once Upon A Time There Was a FisHER part 1

I was thinking of organizing my artworks into a listing of catalog since last night...and while on the process of gathering my things I've found my artist journal "The Testament of Fisher" it begun on September 7, 1989, where mostly a recollections of things I have written from my workshop days at CCP and my campus life at PNC from 1985 to 1987. Perhaps I was around this time working as a waiter at Bakahan at Manukan Restaurant in Roxas Blvd....
   I have written on this blog some of the item therein but anyway, maybe I could re-write some of the articles for record purposes...and for my internalization as well. 
   So let me try to dissect my own biography.

"I let things happen out of nothingness"
   This piece of notebook was a concise rendering of my diaries, I think I have around 13 other diaries on daily basis which I begun to form since High School. Most of these Testaments are ruined by flooding ever since we had Milenyo, Ondoy and so forth. Aside from giving information on my artistic life, these collections also aims to inspire budding was an ambitious act thinking I would be someone important someday...perhaps almost similar to Da Vinci's Codexes. 
   Am I re-writing this because I'm regaining or rediscovering new hope on my artistry? Well as you can see not so long ago I lost that vision and those dreams faded along the road to life. I told someone that I will just consume all the paint that I've purchased then end of career...probably I would divert into business etcetera. 

 One thing you will notice that I'm dead serious when it comes to artistic path...I consume a lot of effort with these diaries and visual manuscripts. With same characteristic as my Art Journals; this chronicle was done in random whether in prose form, in phrases, story-telling, poetry, or anything that catches my attention at the moment of writing. All of these were written in Pasay City. 

   The first stop of the story-telling begun on its first chapter: The Roots, a summary of what happened during that fateful day when my mother hammered my hand...then The Birthplace which is of course all about the Visual Art workshop at Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1985. Then the searching, learning, and sharing phases at Philippine Normal College.

On Christ Call
   Two of the most important institutions in my life are PNC and CCP. These are the two places that honed me as a persons. Thanks to all my mentors and friends. But on Spiritual side it was Accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and thus become Born-Again as the real basis of my worldviews and therefore this translate within my artistry.
   This aspect need special mention since here is the center of my artistry (uhhh remind me that) that I wish and pray to be known.

The Backslider

    Yet this one subsided too after years of hassling and traps. It was not necessarily about the material world where I backslide but on the carnal side. Night clubs, womanizing, drunkenness and so problems which created a deep impact that I still deny to ever happened within my parents. All become a masked renditions that still echo within my drawings. This lead me into relationships after relationship breaking me slowly at the end of the day.
I stared at this wall before...
   Then one day, I found myself looking in the mirror and found nothingness. I have to do something...kneel and prayed with tears in my eyes. God was merciful to accept me back in His arms.

The Art of Realizationism
   All these debilitating experiences re-awaken my artistry. The once dying art was transformed into a personal evaluation. Capturing life's lesson as they came...the random images from an honest reflections as I see the world around me. 

   These Realizationism path was hindered or was occasionally halted due to my corporate obligation as an employee. 

   Thanks to worldwide web, I was able to make a comeback when I started Tagged ArtLover Group

    By stroke of fate thru my Ate Fe, I discover a new career in face-painting for Parties and events.
    Probably, I was inside the circle already when I became an Admin at Styles, Strokes, and Sketches Society late last year of 2013. 

   My first ever real exhibit at Cabanatuan City was sort of a milestone too. The last time I joined a group show was when I was in College and this is a comeback with few setbacks. 
   ...and here I am still struggling to make it inside. 


Throwback-Spring Cleaning in Mid-July

 Some of my blogs are still generating traffic.... does blogger still pays adsense? Anyway that was an earlier nude work where my brush strokes are still quite hard... 
   And continuing my nostalgic trip.... I re-arrange and gather my old files of artworks and most of them were what I've consider ungallery worth pieces, they were meant to be hidden...for my own self-evaluation... and for my kids as well. Hoping they would cherish them somehow when I'm gone. 


   There was rejection...regrets...and withering passion. There used to be a dreamer and now he tries again... Finally you are seeing these....very few have actually seen the inside of my art journals. 

© Fher 

Days of Wanderings

A work in progress.... 

Turning nostalgic once again....looking back and archiving my early works. I miss my early works and wonder where are they now? It's uncertain really that anyone from my colleague in PNC had actually kept them. What I had are bits and pieces I've incorporated and pasted on my Visual Manuscripts.... I had not really taken good care of those works which somehow some are gone due to travels.   

    Here are some of my self-searching works after I had my scholarship at Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1985... these are collages of those early experimentations.
   Thanks to Dra. L. C. Gloria, Madam Imelda Marcos, National Artist Lukrecia Kasilag, my mentors Arnel Agawin, Rodel Peña, R De Leon, Rey Albano...


Emily Loren 1985 grin emoticon
My very first figure painting in watercolor 

"After Shower"
1993 Watercolor

   I was far more serious artist before... not until I was sucked in to workers life. The daily realities have eaten my idealism. The drastic call was a blessing in disguised after all. 

© Fher 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Physical Memories Revisited...


   During my CCP days I was told that you have to capture the soul of the person in the portrait.... some says I often do, even the great Maestro Bueno Silva told me so that I've captured them...perhaps from time to time.'s been a long time since I did a nude painting...and as I've often said, I do nude to gauge my skill. To redefine or fine-tuning my skill...

   ...and more fine tuning ahead... 

   If you think, the brain is the only part of our body that can remember then all we have to do is read book about arts, then we can go directly and proceed painting. But that's not the case, often taken for granted was our muscles capabilities to retain or memorize activities.
    Observation needs practice too. At first glance we might miss the different grains and tones but constant looking will lead us to various shades and hues (plus eye strain too). Learn or discover to see things as they really are and not what you think they are.
    Matters are a combination of substances. If we look deeper into the material composition of things it would be easier to translate them into reality....
    Two things must take place; the substance of your model and the properties of your medium. See how the pigment behaves; like to what extant it will move or the limitations it displays. In every action there's an equal reaction and that every color has an individual characteristic -- 
   Don't be afraid to experiment, and even if you don't get what you expect you'll still be discovering something...our muscle (pulse) will still develop because constant activities forms a habit. Teaching our hand to paint...will SURELY gain what it has invested.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Twist on Impressions....

Then here I've finally realized that I'll get more attention as an impressionist....and the reality that there's too many technically better artist than me. On the field of Impressionism especially portraiture, there aren't too many artist able....

Doing these discipline requires understanding first of realism then lots of experiences with color harmony... something that I've used to ignore, although I love to look at Van Gogh-ish work but not on my personal insignia. I always wanted to focus on details...even very tiny details.... yet, now that my eyes and hand can't handle it anymore, I have to give in.... but then again, I will still be doing my symbolic Realizationism these long as I can. 

A place I love to visit when I'm in Pasay City.... 

Elyona's FB was hacked...change the name into Christina Espeleta....she felt really sad and I was furious because of the rare memorable photos kept in them.