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May Flower

Summer is almost gone....the harshness of the sun is still quite unbearable.... though it's been raining now. By experience, it's not a good season for kids party...i don't know why...and so my face-painting gig was in dwindle. Thankful that I have a summer workshop with my 5 new disciples. Thanks Rachelle DS Santos for the recommendation. 

And so we're on to another season.... 

Above, still a work in progress...

Manuscripts Goes On

Re-introducing once again my 15th Visual Manuscript to the worldwide web...something that I haven't done for quite sometime.

Spreading The Gift

Thank God and now I come to understand once again why I have to be educated in PNC. It's coming back to me now the purpose of all those seemingly random event. Like being sent at CCP out of the thousand college student there. That summer of 1985 was all coming back to me now.   

1st Day: Familiarization and Talent Assessment

2nd day: Composition

Be More and More Prayerful

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. -- Ephesians 6:12That was a quick reply...the key, which I've lost or misplaced was actually just inside me waiting to be re-awaken. Thank God that I still kept links of my favorite sites on my browser so that in these time of wandering I have tools to navigate around. This time the answer came from an unusual site  where conspiracy theorist drop by to learn a thing or two.... it was at Educate Yourself. Although I do not totally agree with everything written on that site , some very refreshing and interesting article had been cleared to me by discovering it sometime ago. One of the best and original site of its own when it comes to  alternative education.

   Foolish! I've forgotten where the real battle is actually taking place and who are the real enemies. Lately, or much earlie…

The Former Things

I can't understand what I'm feeling right now....I feel so lost, cornered and undecided. Everything seems not heart distracted. I seem to be what I'm not....pretending I'm alright. 

   What are these series of bad luck wanting to say to me? Could be that nature is bringing me into a resolution of thoughts. These aren't normal anymore...I knew it couldn't be just  coincidences or was trying to reach out on my awaken state. 

   I have no answer right now... I have no clear answer...  I need to be embrace by God. To feel His Holy presence once again. Why I've become aloof and prejudice in the system... in fact on every human system there is. All the heartache and pain are coming back... nagging and pressing. The words of my love ones are condemning me, even my mother... and from the grave my father's memory reiterating the failure of loving too much... of dying in faith and hope. I can still see vividly the scorning and the threa…

June is it!

We're on new season of painting tournament at 4S which started May 20 and will end June 20.... The June Bride contest, where we have to interpret the model/sponsor wearing Asian inspired wedding gown and I've chosen mine as a Thai bride. Pops is giving away his Lumix camera for this event. Yet sadly, I can not attend the awarding and on-the-spot because I was booked that day by Party Bitz for a face-painting gig.     There's lots of side events also on Special MC, which I have to salute Pops for being able to pull all these up. Free cellphone load and art materials at stake. No one does it better than Mr. David... his skill on convincing sponsors are quite amazing. 

   There was an 8.5 earthquake that hit Japan the other day....
My albino oscar is acting strange...he was always at the bottom which I suspect could be because of the strangely hot weather. The Red Pacu are doing fine and still very aloof and wild....but they've grown really fast.... each I suppose was now 5-…