Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Event

It's a Monday and we thought we wouldn't be able to gather this many artist... 4S's awarding and on-the-spot was held April 27 at Pop's place in Baranggay Palanan. It was a fun filled event, although I had some series of not so good luck even before coming to the place.... 

The Cast for Diwata awarding and on the spot

April 25, Sir Jovi's birthday bash at Springtime Subd.

My piece didn't make it this time. My gift to model Asia....

Sunday, April 26, 2015

work in progress
 Most of the time, I have this desire to really paint what I love doing...besides doing portrait. I love symbols...to be able to tell stories, even in random...spontaneous and honest. 


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Above is a piece that I really love....using a paper bag as media. 

Revisiting watercolor, and below are the results...I was thinking of using this medium for Diwata on the spot. 

And I'm not really feeling good lately.... 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's go back and help me analyze my Art or the destination I want to go....First, I don't have that problem on my head anymore on being famous. Really, to be able to support my family with my art is all that I am concern right now. So, I must admit into a sort of, kind of surrender that I have to create works that the buying public wants. 
Oh well, back to drawing board.... ☺ 

   Here's a little eye trick... For more dramatic look...add a very light shade of purple or ultramarine mix with ochre on the white area of the eye, usually just underneath the lashes. Then, Use black only as a last resort, try mixing other colors first; like olive green and dark brown, gray and blue etc...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where Feel Good Preacher Fails

Never ever give up... one day your time will come. The least that I do now is to never expect too much....positive thinking could just make you disappointed in the end if results are the opposites. Although we write our own stories other timelines are being created simultaneously as well. Seeking material gain can conflict spiritual destination. 
   I'm on a new phase, renewal of paradigms and system update/upgrades. We should be living in realities and not illusions. Too much of everything can bring unfavorable results. 
   Expect the unexpected and don't put False Hopes on Idols.  Idolatry comes in many form....
   I need more furniture rearranging and would be discussing more on this matter soon. How I will live for today...with undying faith in God even if I don't become successful. 
"Give us this day..."
Acrylic on Paper 
12" X 18"

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fate...Let Go and Create

Creative people are not good guardian of the environment, we are consumer of resources...we don't recycle our mistakes, we kept them as future reference. We inhale and dispose toxic fumes. The best that we can do are inspire and share beauty... If we don't cut trees we would have no surface to work with... if we don't extract minerals there would be no medium to explore. 
God bless the Nature worshiper. Artist create gods for people to kneel upon. 
No hard feelings... we are gifted. 

Sometime ago when I left my job....I bravely decided that I would go full-time as an artist, that was really silly....Yeh right, follow your heart and fulfill your destiny. ...having two very young kids at the time to send to school plus domestic priorities etc....to cut the story short it was a very selfish move. But on the other side, it was also quite brave and what I really wanted to do...it takes lots of thinking and determinations....but to start from a total scratch was foolishness.... I have no connections whatsoever.... where to start was a wild guess....you can't just go in the artist circle with very little know-hows and announce yourself as an artist too. ☺ With so many great creative people in the world, particularly The Philippines.

   The real reason why I quit my job was actually so very painful....I can see the collapse of our company coming due to malpractices and greed....and I don't want to be part of it anymore. Maybe, I wasted the prime of my life for not establishing my future.... I was given the chances.... but my priorities and values had become distorted during my commune with the secular world... once again... the root of all evil. 
   So I left...Now, where am I? 

   Being part of 4S reactivated my dream which made me decide to go as full-time artist. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Random Thought.... I don't have enough imagination to believe in Psychology


Behavioral psychology are based on the observable results, those things that can be computed and quantified.  But the mind, what's inside our thoughts can not be observe....so this was disregard by this so called science. Psychology is another field of science that was basically requiring great "faith". With the same goal as the theory of Evolution....to remove our divine qualities.... to redefine man as mere animals. Yet, there is another revolution going on 'Trans-humanism' .... upgrading human into Machine. 

   Everything point towards a single goal....that eventually we will all be gods. The same ploy used by Satan to entice the angels and mankind from the beginning of time are still the same tactics applied today.... from the Catholics canonization of Saints into mankind's evolution into extra-terrestrial creatures....or evolving into a floating consciousness in eternal cyber-space.    

Random Thoughts 
   I'm a Jumper....moving from one thought into another. I have very short attention span.... or  get bored easily repetitions. 

Thinnest of Thin

   My latest Obra marks a shift .... still learning as I create. My artwork now shall be more refine even if it seems I'm too old for details and smooth polish. The purpose isn't really to impress but to answer the very first challenge that was given to me  when I've first tried to present my work. 
   Another thing I also wish to answer on my art works is that we are not mere animals or machines.... we are spiritual beings that can imagine, create, set goals, and foremost our freewill. We have random thoughts which doesn't come from anything else.  

Much of modern education and all aspects of the social sciences are rooted in flawed modern theories of psychology. This has had and continues to have disastrous effects on individual people and society.