Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dedication, Focus, and a Static Mind

It's nice to share what you know...there's always that benefit of mutual learning. And after realizing that what I've been teaching to others....are actually those things that I've taken for granted whether consciously or sub-consciously. 

   Yes I've been teaching dedication and focus but that is something that I truly needed nowadays. Maybe I became complacent which by the way I was reminded once more by Maxwell's "sharpening the saw" principle. So after psyching myself and re-dedicating my heart with the same enthusiasm I had during my self-searching years I came up with all these works included in this article.
      It seems I have forgotten the daily bombardment of this tagline "Passion for Excellence" during my employment years. Now that I am self-employed, the more that I should excel effort to achieve more of what I am capable of. You're employer strictly impose QC so why can't I for myself. 
   Being self-employed doesn't mean I am already exempt with company rules and regulations. It doesn't mean I don't have to be strict in Quality control...nothing change I am still an employee of my DREAMS. (and ambitions)
   There is one good example of my under-focus seems at first glance that I really took great effort by utilizing many details on it but actually it was hurried and impulsive. 

    Now, although this is simplified I really took great care on it's visual appeal. I re-summarized symbols and considers balance and aesthetic value. The strokes are also more pronounce....

   Speaking of re-dedication and ever static mind was disturb once again...unsatisfied at what I have done or probably now I became aware into a different perspective so I grab all my 12 visual manuscripts and weigh all the consequences. I decided to revise once more "A Whisper to a Scream 6.5" therefore it shall be the 6th revision.  

   Probably, now you are getting the idea or the processes it must undergo on how a visual journal transform. Probably you are wondering, After learning now the painful process of actually tearing down a beautiful piece to fit a new realization. That is real life, we must go through sometimes with all the bruises. Reality is not a bed of roses. 

   For now, this will be the art journal in focus, since it is anyway the collection that  what first intended for public sharing. The others might undergo the same fate too but we will see since as I've told you, these lifetime theses always revolve dependent on the feeling of the moment.
   Who knows maybe tomorrow I'll be refresh with a brand new eye (vision). 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Intention Creates A Reality

Almost done...finally I regain the upward surge in life's hurdle. The painting below re-affirm my life's worth in the area I have chosen to co-exist. These past days I've been experience some unexplained melancholy. Boredom in the monotony of each moment even if I'm busy.  Perhaps this is that moment when you are in a state of plateau...nowhere to go but to get down. Then again, probably it's the hot weather. Anyway, in everything there is a season...just don't give up. 

    I don't need to push myself to fit in...I can just choose to enjoy what I am doing. Am I painting to impress the world or to share my thoughts? Some of my younger visions doesn't seem to come alive after fact I've lost my connections in them. God must have His own purpose for me.... am I fighting against heaven's intention?

    There is that realization coming now...that maybe I am building dreams against God's purpose for the whole human race. Why should I be so selfish? So, if therefore our intentions create I making my reality for the glory of God?

    Lord let me not die before I've done for thee, 
my earthly works whatever it may be. 

Sometimes if I shout, it's not what intended....

I know they don't sound the way
I've planned them to be...