Saturday, February 18, 2012

Multiple Focus

   I've been embracing so many things in my life...perhaps I am very creative that I can't contain myself into a straight line. This is a case where creativity doesn't help much. I want to do various things and focus  almost on all things. There is too much going inside my head...
   Well anyway, I don't count success on level of achievement that are tangible...I count it one day at a time and they are not usually synonymous with material things. What I call failure are those things that I haven't done. I have plenty of those things hanging on my head...they are still here...and I am not quite sure if they will materialized. 
   I have so many interest in life that grab my attention. I am so spontaneous and random...somebody said, it was a good trait but not all the time. Well, at least on my case. 
   When you focus you'll hit the bull's eye. I think to achieve my goal I'll be needing machine gun.A multiple casualties technique, if such exist. 
   Well if you advise that I should prioritized and pick what was at utmost importance...I can not do that!
   Oh I just can't contain myself in a box. I want to surf the ocean of knowledge. I want to paint, to write, to be a journalist, to be a biologist, manage a restaurant, to climb mountains, spelunking, playing video games, establish an artist haven, learn more languages, be the best father of the century...LOL
   Look! We can try...can't we? 
    As of now, let me focus on so many things...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do You Still Write?

I still write. That means literally writes on paper using pen and I do it more often than typing my blog or updating status on social network. I made drafts, I take down notes, I scribble a lot... even when it is easier to check spellings  using my laptop. Writing the traditional way is not just for mental exercise but for your hand coordination too; plus retaining the correct spelling on your brain and not on your hard-drive. 
Last page of my first Visual Manuscripts
   Your strokes can reveal moods and feelings so I don't skip this part when writing an article especially those entry that needed clarifications. Because when I re-read what I have written, I discover additional revelations within my self that are vital for growth...was I in a hurry during the composition of this essay? Why did I erase this part anyway? or what is the mood of that moment? Those are the question I make to better understand myself. The handwriting itself became a mirror or snapshots of that instance. That way I can evaluate my own performance in a Movie called "The Life and Times of Fernando Mission Ymas"...
   Hitting keyboards when expressing an idea can sometimes make you passive  and detached. I believed when you make signature strokes it directly reflect your personalities or what is really flowing from your heart. 
   Using pens, brushes, or pencils allows the feeling to stay a little longer than  hitting keys. And when you delete the post, you don't have the access anymore to review your first thought. For all you know, your original thought is much better than your 2nd thought.
   Thoughts are like water vapor and when you write, you crystallized that brain wave into a snow. A snow that can be gathered and sculpted into a beautiful castle...until it hardens into ICE. Little snowflakes that had the potential to be an Iceberg. Wow! Can you imagine how great a simple vapor can become!
   Which brings me to another possible scenario...that we can create devastating blizzards with our writing, so when we allow resting time for our thoughts we give ample time to reflect before hitting the "post it" icon. That is why I have tons of drafts that are stacked because I feel they are not worth telling at all. (for now maybe)   
   People can not see what you have in mind. In fact, you can not see them what do you do to make your thought materialized? You act on it. There are many possible way to make your thoughts happen. One, you can verbalized it! or another, You can Write it down. I think writing is much better because it stays longer. A beautiful thought that remain longer can affect the environment much longer...even forever like the Gospels of Jesus.
   The same goes to a bad idea...A Bad Literature can affect a whole generation, for example Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species"...can you imagine the terror that it had made because of his Evolution Theory? Adolf Hitler made it his bible to spread hate against certain weaker race. The survival of the fittest was just an idea (in fact, just a theory and not a proven fact) but look at the impact. I have to stress this point to emphasized the danger of a not well-thought ideas. Actually survival of  the fittest is a lame scientific thought, but there are people who believe it was true. Because even "LIES" can affect reality. Anyway... 
   Did you notice that as your personality change, your writing changes too? This is very much visible for artist's and his artworks...the style changes when his belief systems change. Everything that you believe is what you will achieved. If you alter your perceptions, you alter your future.
   The first influence we learn from outside force is writing. The capacity to eat, sleep, or even mumble a sound is a natural process...but to write is a force ability. Whether we like it or not we have to follow lines, curves, and spaces...or no one will understand what we are scribbling. Writing is one of the first discipline we have to acquire in order to be included in higher groups. People that can't read or write are deprived of certain opportunities. Those that can speak, read, and write better had more advantage than others.
   Since we learned or acquired both good and evil influences, we have to re-evaluate how we write. Do you have the tendency to write sentiment or criticized a lot? Do you like what you are writing in the pages of your journal of life? Then change what you are writing therein. 
   If you wrote yesterday: The sky is gloomy when I wake up. Then change it today! Write something like: I brighten the gloomy sky when I wake up. You did not lie, there's maybe a typhoon coming as the Weather Bureau said but you created sunshine in your vicinity. SO the rest of the day to you didn't start with a gloomy rhythm...and everything good will follow.
   Now, if you can crystallized your thought into clear statement...which is writing (the best medium than speech) there are nothing impossible anymore for you. You can write beautiful poetry, create the future to happen now by writing the thing you want for your future now! 
   Write love songs like Barry Manilow who said "I write the song that makes the whole world sings". Who doesn't know Mr. Manilow? That is what he stated for himself, that is what he makes us all to accepts...He said again: I AM MUSIC, AND I WRITE THE SONG. 
   Now as a statement to myself: I AM ART!!!  Well, umhhh...I wrote that so it can manifest on the world around me.  Better follow what you preach! (grin!!!)
   Do you want a Blog that can alter the destiny of your followers? Tweets that will share your passions, and lastly write your farewell message. Which remind me to stop writing for now. Welcome to your Life!!!

A pen is mightier than a sword. -- Anonymous  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Applying Some Bright Shades

It was so easy to give advise to others about many things. Like I've often said "Don't wait for an inspiration...create the inspiration." or something like that...but as for myself...I'm struggling to create a piece...but I wont allow the thought to lay its egg.

   Don't be too harsh on yourself Fher, my higher self whispered. There is always a vehicle where I can ride...and so I pick up a pencil and start to illuminate...

  It's always easier to gather inspirations and then eventually create when your doing something. The first few dabbling may appear senseless but I just let it flow. Our intentions should go where we want it. So, I try to alter anything that is hindering my beautiful thoughts...or those intent telling me I can't create. I can create...I am created by GOD to be like Him...always making things beautiful.
   And when there is an ugliness in the world? You can splash some paint and alter the view. A little twisting and turning of hues and contrast...add or minus brightness...make it just the right amount.
   The battle of wills. That is the real battle going on in the spiritual realm. Satan on the other side who said "I will be like the Most-High" and...
   Oh the devil must be jealous right now because what he been trying to do since eternal past had been freely given by God to us. God shared His divine power to humans. That was what Satan had been trying to stop...he is trying to keep this secret away from us through deceptions and lies.
   The devil is whispering "You are just human, so act like all the rest of the earthly material world."
   What people fail to "see" was the enlightenment that Jesus had been telling us since He conquered death more than two thousand years ago. He gave us the privilege to experience the "Kingdom of God". 
   Maybe I will tackle the subject on coming for now...I will do marvel with the power God has given me.