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I Received More Life Now

Perception as I've said is a learned phenomenon. We perceived things according to what we have learned either base on experiences or someone telling us. We know it's red because they told us it is red. But what if you grew up and the elders telling you red is called blue?
   We use our perceptions in recognizing and judging is reality according to us. Our Life. Everything that appears or disappears from our senses must undergo the path towards, inwards, and outwards our perceptions. All is subjected to what we believe. Like TIME.    
Longer Times for Children
   Time is also subject to perception, and that is the reason it seems to move slower for children and faster for adults. Do you remember how long the summer used to last?    Now does a 24 hours we have per day gradually changed when we grow older? Summer actually does last longer from a child's perspective. Actually awareness enable us to focus on every moment, not just a single moment but every passing momen…

Updating myself

We have to make clear some latest changes that occurred between my two visual journals that I have inter-changeably misrepresented from previous blogs. These two manuscripts are undergoing a total make over they are Stolen Moment and A Whisper to a scream. In fact, this two books came from many changes they are now called Stolen Moment 7.4 and A Whisper to a Scream 6.4…that means both had undergone 4 editing. These are important since I am finalizing my collections and hopefully won’t make anymore reconstructions or total overhauling. I have very little time left…    Still, the aim of Stolen…is the instant images sprouting from my pulse while Whisper…is more on my literary directions. As I’ve said before, all my manuscripts were actually a constellation of work reflecting my personal experiences and reactions. Thus, it is irrelevant whether certain item actually belong here or there…the important thing is that they are real.  Both collections will be further scrutinized for finalizatio…

What happen to After Image 8.2 now?

where is After Image now?     I think I made that promise to update my readers on this visual manuscripts...well I am but I guess it was not made clear. Since lately I've been making more concise and organized blogging by re-mastering my blogs, I think its about time to put you back on track what has become to this online visual book-making experience.    Let me see, where did I stopped? The latest post with the label After Image was Answered Prayer via Coincidences  in August. There are three images on it that you can find on this book...

   If you notice there were skips on the pages, that's how I work sometimes...I let go of a certain work if I feel I have another idea popping on my head. Well, sometimes I have to redirect my thoughts if I feel the work is going nowhere or bound to fail. That does not mean either that I will not continue the piece, it will have to undergo a process all over again, not necessarily on the same direction as the original intent. That is to resolve…

Summon those inspiration

Applying what I've been discussing on this blog I made these two featured portraits to achieved the state of inspiration....
Like what God experience after He worked for 6 days and made the Sabbath and enjoyed His own creation I also said "It is good." and then I wrote a blog on in on Wisdom of a Fool with this following words:
Since yesterday I've been trying to get inspired...I did not waited but created my inspirations. I pick a color pencil  and chose this time the manuscript "Stolen Moment" make as an ignition work as usual. Yes, these are what I called ignition pieces or I can build up a confidence or to be exact summoning enough energy to paint a thematic work.   The usual process start with a couple of doodles and then sketch process until images are form...but it does not always appear as I wanted too...there are times when frustrations hit me. But I always, no I mean never discard them totally since they will still provide sourc…