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On my bulletin “An Artist’s Role” I’ve discuss the important responsibilities of an artist. As an agent of change and possible indoctrination, artists play a very crucial role in society. Therefore, allow me to follow the discussion with what a person should do to protect his family and even ones self from possible intrusion of personal views. . The sad truth is “Most people have bought so much disinformation during their lifetime, perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect them to purge out all the junk they’ve accepted. Just as people in the world need to toss out their worldly thinking,”

The general public had accepted into their bloodstream the idea “Art for arts sake” and sadly if we take a closer investigation, that simple line had inter-woven itself from our personal choices to our idea of beauty, to our acceptance of personality and criteria for judgment and even to our education system. We accepted everything offer under the name “Art” and never realized the dangerous application into…