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On Social Concern


After The Storm

Nearly all of my artworks had been destroyed by super typhoon Ondoy... this work was done after that devastating event. So what can you expect from this blog? This is my resurrection after migrating to a new chapter in my life.  In spite of the many obstacle that happen after I gave up my  work & decided to fully venture into a life that I  always wanted -- to extend my share with this gift that came from God.  This is perhaps my final quest for the consumption of the future generation. Let us share. 

The Roots; The Fisher's Chronicle

To fully understand how Realizationism Art begun and evolve it is inevitable not to have a glimpse of my life experiences which is the very foundation of all my artworks. I will try as much as possible to be very honest although I reserve some private episode intact on my paintings. The visual revelation is what this evolving artwork is trying to impart...
    The playfulness or the spontaneity of my strokes and styles came up after those accidental turn (which is actually not a result of mere chance but of divine interference) and so I am oblique to reveal some of those important details that leads to Realizationism...

The FisHER Chronicles
The Echo of the Random Man 
Summer of 1985, when my life truly begun…it was one of those cherished moment in my entire life. It was also the day when I finally begun considering myself as an artist. The Roots On the eve of July 10, 1967 the drama started…my mother was pronounced clinically dead when I came out of this word. She challenged the …

The Visual Book-Maker

In 1986 I begun creatingunique book after the visual art workshop at CCP (1985). Thru that self-search period I discover the infant concept of Realizationism....wherein I first created the book The Literal Colour, from that humble beginning I now found my lifetime thesis thru the creations of these Visual Manuscript, I just don't paint anymore but actually create a living journal of my personal experiences and thus realized within myself that Art should be an evolution---the very reflection of the world. After years of revision The Quantum Fragment (1995) emerges as a laboratory and visual diary of an enlightenment I now wish to share to all, non-artisan alike.

The Literal Colour

I've always been fascinated in creating a unique book. Most of my paintings are intended to be compiled and rarely for framing....since I always make series of pictures. The first visual manuscript was a product of over a decade in trying to conceived a compilation of my artworks. Surprisingly serve to be some sort of memorabilia to reunite my soul with the past, to revive and give new meaning to those supposedly destroyed artworks. Since most of my early works were eroded by time or mishandle by most people and a failure in some ways specially during my early self-searching years -- I therefore mount a positive action action not to let them decay. Currently, I am simultaneously working with 4 visual book The Quantum Fragment, Same Ground, Migration, and Ecclesiastes. I'll try in the days to come to share to you these undertaking.

The Art?

First of all this art form is an experience. The experience of the mind, body, and spirit. It is therefore impossible to achieve overnight but a continuous process of learning and unlearning. The painting styles does not strict itself on any areas of execution nor methodologies. It is a whole concept or ideas that deals with the behavior on how the artist correlate with his works....which sustains itself thru evolutions.      There is an exchange of energy between the artist and his works. Unlike any other painting style like impressionism, cubism, surrealism among others, Realizationism on the other hand embraces any medium of execution but in a more satisfying approach to Art.
    This ''art experience'' does not limit itself on the aesthetic value but extend toward spiritual level of awakening.
     Coined from the word 'realization' it is therefore an art piece that resulted from or out of experiential understanding of the inner self and with certa…